The Relationship Between Therapist–Client Modality Similarity and Psychotherapy Outcome

Vyasar Ganesan charmed his way into Netflix viewers’ hearts with his sense of humor, ability to cook, and love of all things nerdy. But his attempt to charm the women matchmaker Simi Taparia set him up with didn’t work out quite as well: after Indian Matchmaking , Vyasar is single. The last scene of the show left things unresolved, with Vyasar calling his second match, Rashi Gupta, to tell her about his complicated family history. Whether Rashi responded positively to his opening up or not, the pair is no longer together. Matchmaking really is tough, ” Vyasar told the Los Angeles Times. I’m grateful for the memories I have from working with Sima. It’s not clear why Vyasar and Rashi split, as they seemed to be hitting it off well, but distance may have played a factor. With the Netflix series’ premiere, his students went from knowing him as Mr. Ganesan to suddenly seeing “thirst memes” about him all over Twitter.

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To explore this question, 19 different therapist–client pairs were followed over 12 Mendelson and Geller studied therapists and clients in a college counseling Morey LC: Matchmaking in psychotherapy: patient–therapist dimensions and.

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The first time matchmaker Sima Taparia met Vyasar Ganesan, one of the singles featured on Indian Matchmaking , she left the encounter beaming. Later on, after Vyasar and a potential match split up due to his earning potential, Sima couldn’t hide her disappointment: “He’s such a nice person. He’ll keep you happy. Essentially, when faced with the charm of Vyasar, one’s “checklist” doesn’t matter.

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The idea that therapists might play Cupid with patients tantalizes patients and therapists. An anecdotal survey of my psychiatrist colleagues suggests that the matchmaking impulse is very common. A senior colleague, for example, tells me he was treating a young man who was struggling to find a partner. Psychotherapy, especially insight-oriented therapy, is designed to conjure intense feelings — on the part of the patient and therapist.

Much of what patients feel toward their therapists, the so-called transference, are unconscious feelings that are redirected from important early figures in their lives — parents, family members and teachers. Your therapist mirrors this phenomenon with his own countertransference. Both parties are under constant temptation to act on their unconscious feelings, rather than analyze and understand them.

Strict boundaries between personal and professional behavior are meant to insure against such hazards. But temptation lurks.

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The authors of this plan are attempting to diversify their business by offering matchmaking franchises to others. This plan illustrates the franchisor side of planning and preparation, and serves as a counterpoint to the franchisee plans that appear elsewhere in this volume. MatchMate is a custom designed, home-based, computer matchmaking service created by a marriage counselor and Fortune software designer.

The company provides local matchmaking services to Boston-area singles; national and international matchmaking services to singles worldwide via the Internet ; and exclusive licenses to other entrepreneurs to own and operate MatchMate software using the MatchMate name and system within geographic boundaries around the world. The MatchMate Internetworld wide web site, in addition to offering matchmaking services, hosts a singles‘ mall replete with photo gallery listings in a variety of geographic locations, and markets other singles-related services and products.

The company employs three full-time staff, three outside sales representatives, and several contract programmers who maintain and develop the web site presence. MatchMate, Inc. From its inception in December of until incorporation, MatchMate operated as a D.

Computer Matchmaking Service: Matchmate, Inc.

Matchmaking is the process of matching two or more people together, usually for the purpose of marriage , but the word is also used in the context of sporting events such as boxing, in business, in online video games and in pairing organ donors. In some cultures, the role of the matchmaker was and is quite professionalised.

The Ashkenazi Jewish shadchan , or the Hindu astrologer , were often thought to be essential advisors and also helped in finding right spouses as they had links and a relation of good faith with the families.

Compatibility issues with lighting present a stark choice for contractors: Ensure a good match up front, or prepare to patch it up later.

If you plan to use insurance, Kenwood Psychological Services will call your insurance company to find out how your coverage works. This will ensure that you know how your insurance coverage works and can make choices that will help you receive all the benefits you are entitled to. Once you understand your benefits, Kenwood will ask the fee range in which you want Kenwood to find a therapist for you. Click here to see the range of fees that are available. This interview gives Kenwood Psychological Services a clear picture of the issues you wish to work on and of your personality and how it works.

If you are coming as a couple or a family, Kenwood will also get a sense of the interaction between those who are present, and the best type of therapy , as well as therapist. Kenwood Psychological Services will select the therapist we think is exactly right for you, and put you in touch with that therapist. Click here for more details about the Decisions that go into Making the Right Match.

This means that in almost every case you will agree that this therapist is just right for you. If after two or three sessions the match does not feel right, just call Kenwood. We will listen to your explanation of why this match did not work for you and do our best to make a better selection. In the future, if you develop concerns about how your therapy is going, call Kenwood Psychological Services Suppose you have been in therapy for nine months and you begin to become concerned about whether the therapy is still helping or whether it has started to go in the wrong direction.

Of course you would want to discuss these feelings with your therapist.

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